Watch the new, customizable Windows Phone 8.1 camera app in action (video)

Microsoft didn't just equip Windows Phone 8.1 with a redesigned notification center and a Siri nemesis called Cortana, it also revamped its stock camera app. While many of the current app's features remain intact, a video leaked by Unleash The Phones shows that the right side of the interface now features shortcut buttons for single photo, video and burst photo modes. The left side, however, is completely customizable, and a user can easily fill it with up to five shortcuts to settings (flash, lens picker, resolution, ISO among others) of their choice. Curious WP users who want to know how the updated app compares to Nokia's camera software can watch the video after the jump. Of course, they might only have to wait a bit more to know everything about the OS... and to finally find out if they can install it on their WP8 devices.