Daily App: Crossfader lets you try your hand at being a DJ


Crossfader is a fun tool for music lovers who want an easy way to mix tracks. The app uses the gyroscope in your iPhone as your mixing tool, allowing you to get creative as you move.

The main screen of the app provides access to your DJ profile, your activity history, a stream of the top crosses and access to the mixing tool. The mixing tool loads up two song that you can play together as a cross or mashup. You then can tilt your phone to mix them by using the tilt to bring one track to the forefront and the other to the back.

The app comes stocked with a variety of tracks from different music genres that lend themselves to mixing. You can easily select two tracks by swiping and then mix them by tilting your phone. If you don't like the music in the app, you can buy additional music tracks or use the Crossfader website to import in your own songs.

Crossfader has an optional social component that allows you to create a DJ profile, share your crosses with other users and follow other users. You can browse through a stream of new crosses and both like and share those you enjoy. The stream, though, only shares the cross (the two songs you select to play together) and not the mix portion that uses the tilting motion to switch between the two songs.

If you use Crossfader for long-from mashups or mixes, be warned that the app has a tendency to crash after a longer period (more than 10 mins) of usage. It also heats up your phone even after just a few minutes of usage.

Crossfader is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7.