Dear Apple, please let us delete whole albums from our iPhones again

I listen to a lot of music on my iPhone -- probably too much music, if the hearing loss in my right ear is any indication. For years it was a delight. The sound quality was great and I didn't have to carry an iPod everywhere. Being forced to deal with iTunes if you don't enjoy syncing records was a pain, but at least we would easily quickly clear up space on the device by manually deleting whole albums.

Then came iOS 7, and suddenly the world had lost this bit of light. Why did Apple take away the ability to manually delete whole albums from the device? iOS 7 is supposed to be the future; so why is the future worse than the past for music fans?

Perhaps the developers of iOS 7 only listen to jazz records where it's common to only have a few long tracks on a whole record. Deleting a copy of Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain song by song only takes eight swipes.

But say you've got an audiobook of Game of Thrones on your device containing hundreds of tracks or a Springsteen live album you'd like to delete to make room for a video. You have three options.

First, you can wait until you get home, turn on iTunes, scroll through the abysmal "sync" windows, uncheck everything you need to delete, re-sync your device, and then go back to where ever you wanted to shoot your video. Second, you can delete all of the music/audio files on your device in Settings. Or third, you can slowly, manually delete tracks one by one until you've made enough space.

Or Apple could give us a fourth option, the return of an incredibly basic feature. Sometimes things need to be deleted on the fly. What does a traveler without a laptop do? It's not as if they can borrow a stranger's computer to manage their files without losing information. An iPhone is supposed to help make your life easier, it shouldn't require you to have a computer to properly use it.

So please Apple, embrace music listeners with their own digital collections and give us back the freedom we once enjoyed on your wonderful device. Let us delete whole albums again. I'll stand out in front of your offices with a boom box over my head proclaiming my love. Just don't make me go home or delete my whole music collection to free up space on my phone.