Here's a much clearer look at Valve's new Steam Controller

You see that image above? That's the new Steam Controller, headed to SteamOS. Sound familiar? That's because this is the second iteration of the Steam Controller first unveiled last year. Astute readers might be thinking, "Haven't I seen this somewhere before?" That's also a strong possibility, as we got a first glimpse of it back at Steam Dev Days earlier this year (albeit via shaky cellphone camera). Today, however, Valve's deigned us worthy to see it in high-res glory. Heck, the folks at Valve even juxtaposed the new one (on the left) against the original version of the controller (seen on the right). Sad about that missing touchpad? We are too, but perhaps those fancy new buttons will help make up for it, eh? Head below for a much larger version.

(Click to embiggen)