LG Lucid 3 leaks with updated design, no doubts on the carrier

We'll admit, we're getting mixed messages here. According to @evleaks' latest reveal there is very likely a new LG Lucid (number 3 to be specific) incoming for Verizon. Nothing unusual there, as it's been about a year since the last one. But if the images are accurate (and history predicts they will be) LG has taken some design cues from its G-series -- rounded corners, and a curved back etc -- along with a very Samsung-esque physical home key (the last edition had capacitive buttons). Of course, this isn't the first LG phone with such a button, or even to share this design. The new F-series we saw at MWC bears more than a casual resemblance to the pic we see above. There's little else to glean from the image other than the obvious, but expect a mid-range specification (with model number VS876) to hit the Verizon web store in the coming weeks.