This is Motorola's new Android Wear smartwatch: Moto 360

LG went first, and now it's Motorola's turn to unveil its Android Wear smartwatch: the Moto 360. Putting an emphasis on the tried-and-true design of classic timepieces, Motorola's crafted a smartwatch that hews closely to a more traditional, premium look. The Moto 360 boasts a circular, digital watchface powered by Android Wear that grants users access to notifications with, presumably, gestures, as the company's official line mentions the need for a "twist of the wrist." There's also Google Now integration, much like on the G Watch, that'll make checking in on the weather, sports scores or flights a hands-free affair just by saying, "Ok Google."

From the looks of it, Moto's made what's arguably the sexiest smartwatch we've seen to date, but that image above isn't the only form factor we'll be seeing. When the Moto 360 launches this summer worldwide, it'll come in a "variety of styles," and sport leather or metallic bands. If you happen to live in the US, you'll be getting first dibs on this Android Wear looker when it debuts.