Verizon's BlackBerry 10 phones are finally getting their 10.2.1 updates

A few lucky Verizon BlackBerry buffs got the long-awaited 10.2.1 update back in January, and now Big Red is starting to push that new build to all its Z10, Q10 and Z30 owners. The new version number doesn't sound all that impressive, but the changelog is heftier than the label lets on: there's loads of UI tweaks to dig into, to say nothing of an offline reading mode, better support for group messaging and FM radio functionality... if you've got a Q10 or Z30. BlackBerry also made it easier to install Android APKs, if you're into that sort of cross-platform witchcraft. Verizon is the second major US carrier to make this update available (T-Mobile took the gold this time), but there's still no word on when AT&T and Sprint will get their respective acts together.