Google Keyboard's autocorrect gets better if you let it mine your data

Keyboard software updates for Android, or any other mobile device, are relatively unexciting because... well, you know, keyboards. But, if you happen to have opted for Google's particular stock version by way of the Play Store, you're about to get a better autocorrect experience. A new update that's currently rolling out introduces the option for Personalized Suggestions, meaning the app can mine data from any other Google service you use to better serve your swift typing needs. Don't worry, all that info is apparently stored locally on your phone. And it's not like you'll have to dig through menu options to find this particular setting, either. Google's put it front and center so the first time you fire up the keyboard post-update, a helpful alert message will appear above the keys to make sure you know the deal. You can always turn it off, however, and return to a life less finely autocorrected. The choice is yours: one path leads to unintentional humor and the other to accuracy.