Qik shutting down April 30th, three years after being acquired by Skype

It's been more than three years since Skype purchased the video calling service Qik, but until now, it's lived on as a standalone app. Finally, though, it's shutting down: Qik announced in a blog post today that it will close its doors on April 30th, taking all your videos with it. The reason: Skype has finally folded all of Qik's features into its own service, so there's no reason to offer a duplicate product.

So what now? For starters, you'll want to download any recorded clips from the user dashboard, as those won't be saved past April 30th (ditto for any videos you've embedded -- we recommend re-embedding using a site like YouTube). Unfortunately, if someone sent you a video through VideoMail, you won't necessarily be able to salvage it; only the original sender has rights to it, so your best bet is to ping your friend and ask nicely. Lastly, any Premium users will get a refund for any service past April 30th that they already paid for. It's only fair, right?