Google's Photowall for Chromecast lets you doodle on photos, beam them to your TV (update: Android version)

Photowall for Chromecast is one of those rare official Google apps that makes its debut on iOS instead of Android. In fact, we can't even say for sure it'll be coming to Mountain View's mobile OS, but there's no reason to assume it won't. The app itself is pretty simple: one or more people are able to beam photos from their iDevice to a Chromecast creating a collage of memories. If you want, you can even doodle on your images before putting them up for all to see. While you'll need the app to actually send the Photowall to your TV, not everyone needs the app to add photos to the collection. There's a simple web app for uploading pics to share. Oh, and when you're done, you have the option of exporting the montage to a YouTube clip for passing around between friends. You can download Photowall for Chromecast for free at the source link.

Update: Google says an Android version of Photowall is coming today.

Update 2: Well, would you look at that? There's a web version now, too.

Update 3: The Android app is now available over at Google Play.