Panasonic's HX-A500 wearable action cam serves up 4K video at 25fps

If you don't mind your wearable action cam being tethered to a separate unit for wrangling controls, Panasonic's HX-A500 offers 4K video capture in return. The company touts the camera as the "world's first" option for said resolution, recording the those exploits at 25fps. There's also a 1080p option at 50fps, 720p at 100fps and 480p an a 100fps crawl for judging that swing in time for baseball season. It will also capture up to 30 minutes of video in up to three meters (about 10 feet) of water, should the need arise. Need to get the footage to another device? NFC and WiFi connectivity are built in with compatibility with Ustream for live broadcasts. The HX-A500 carries a similar look to the outfit's HX-A100, but the "main body" now packs a 1.5-inch LCD monitor for keeping an eye on things and tweaking settings. Other notable features include a IPX8 waterproof rating, automatic leveling correction, image stabilization and a variety of mounts to keep the dustproof cam in the right spot for optimum capture. The HX-A500 is set to arrive in May with a £379.99 (around $626) price tag in tow.