Amazon paying e-book settlement cash back to Kindle users

Remember that antitrust suit concerning publishers, ebooks and price rigging? The good news, at least if you bought one of the affected titles between April 2010 and May 2012, is that Amazon is sending some money your way. If the book you purchased had ever been a New York Times bestseller, then you'll receive a credit of $3.17 in your Kindle account, but if the book was, erm, less popular, you'll get $0.73. The only exception is for residents of Minnesota, since the state negotiated for a few more cents for both the bestseller and non-bestselling settlements. If you haven't already received an email letting you know about your cash bonus, head over to the Kindle bookstore where you'll be notified if you have a credit -- which can be used to purchase any book through to March 2015, even if it wasn't published by the five companies on the Department of Justice's naughty list.