Advertisement is killing off subscription radio, will focus on music-discovery app Scrobbler

Today, music-streaming service announced plans to end its subscription service across all platforms. In place of its curated, ad-free radio for $3 a month, the company will focus on its Scrobbler app, which logs every song you listen to on your profile and helps with music discovery. You'll still be able to listen to your personal stations and library via the Youtube-powered player on the desktop (currently in beta), and users can still play their tracks on Spotify. In other words, will now rely on third-party providers rather than streaming from its own servers.

Users have a few reasons to be disappointed: for one, the Scrobbler app is only available for iOS, and streaming on the Android app will end along with the subscription service on April 28th. And for our friends in Canada, this means will join Spotify, Pandora and other biggies in not supporting streaming in the Great White North. We've reached out to for some clarification on what this means for users on all platforms -- we'll have an update once we hear back.