Microsoft discontinues its Surface wireless keyboard adapter

Remember the day Microsoft announced its new Surface tablets? Sure you do: there was all the usual pomp and circumstance, and even that keyboard cover that turned the Surface 2 into a portable DJ booth. One thing that may have flown under your radar, though, was the wireless keyboard adapter, a $60 cylinder-shaped thing that allowed users to control their Surface tablets from up to 30 feet away over Bluetooth (like you do with a 10.6-inch device?). In any case, it looks like the accessory never picked up much traction: Microsoft has discontinued the device, which is now showing up as "out of stock" on Microsoft's online store.

A company spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement to CNET: "Due to a number of factors, we are no longer manufacturing the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter." As you can see, based on that vague statement, Microsoft isn't keen on explaining why, exactly, it killed off the adapter. Even so, online user reviews are telling: of the four listed on Microsoft's product page, three people complained about the poor battery life, and the device's inability to hold a charge. Not good when "wireless" is a key selling point, eh?