Sprint to launch HD Voice calls nationwide in July

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Mariella Moon
March 26th, 2014
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Sprint to launch HD Voice calls nationwide in July

Sprint's HD Voice impressed our ears two years ago, but the feature's been placed on the company's back burner since then. Sure, it's already available in a handful of locations, but it's only now that the carrier's announced its plans to make it available nationwide. According to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, subscribers all over the country should be able to enjoy clearer voice calls "around the first of July"... assuming they're using HD Voice-compatible devices to talk to people also using HD Voice-compatible devices. It's not too bad, though: over two dozen Sprint phones already support the standard, including the iPhone 5s/5c, Samsung Galaxy S 4/Note 3, Nexus 5 and HTC One/One Max.

Sprint's HD Voice promises "crystal clear calls" by cancelling background noise and delivering more natural-sounding voices. From the time it was introduced in 2012, though, rival carriers AT&T and T-Mobile have already come up with their own versions. Hesse made the announcement at the Oracle Industry Connect event, where he also talked about the overly technical details of Sprint's Spark LTE service.

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