Fuse lets you put your own 3D characters into Steam games

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|03.27.14

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Sharif Sakr
March 27th, 2014

If, like us, you believe that true individuality can never be expressed through four different choices of goatee, then listen up: Fuse, the character-creation tool on Steam, now supports fully user-generated imports for the first time, making it possible for artistic souls to create clothing, body parts and "texturing substances" for more memorable designs. The $100 utility then lets you transplant your animated models into compatible Steam titles based on the Source Engine, including Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker. Now, if we could just couple this with Project Spark's customized movements and mannerisms, we'd have everything we need to prep our personal avatars for the impending Age of VR.

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