Runtastic 5.0 update brings redesign, hydration monitoring and more to the fitness app


Runtastic today updated its Running and fitness app, bringing a brand new look to the app and few notable new features.

The biggest changes users will notice is a fresh, new UI with improved automatic syncing to a user's Runtastic account when an activity is completed. Another new feature is hydration monitoring that takes into account the weather, your activity level and your vital health statistics to recommend the best way to rehydrate after each workout.


The company also improved the free version of the app, making the previously pro-only Music player and Live Tracking & Cheering features available to free users. The Pro version keeps its full suite of additional features, which includes Powersong, Training goals, Interval training and more.

Runtastic is available in two versions -- a feature-limited free version with ads and a US$4.99 ad-free version. Both are compatible with the iPhone and require iOS 7.