Daily App: Monocle offers menu bar search for Mac owners running almost any OS X version


Monocle is a handy menu bar search utility that allows you to search Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Wikipedia in just one click. Monocle is more web search focused then OS X's Spotlight search and much less complex than similar productivity tools like Alfred.

Just click on Monocle's magnifying glass in your menu bar, select your default search engine and type in your search terms. Monocle will display a list of search results that you can select and open in your default web browser.

The app has been around for a while, which makes it perfect for Apple owners who have older Macs kicking around that still run previous versions of OS X. It also works just fine in OS X Mavericks.

Monocle is free and worth the small amount of space that is occupies if you find yourself always searching the web for a tidbit here and tidbit there.You can download it from Waffle Software's website.