Samsung's new monitors include one with a billion-color, 3,840 x 2,160 screen

Now that Samsung's shown us the GS5, Gear 2 smartwatch and its latest Chromebook, it's time for the company's lesser-known product teams to come out of the woodwork. Next up: the display division, which today introduced three new models for 2014, including one with a billion-color, 3,840 x 2,160 screen. That would be the beaut you see above, the 28-inch UD590, which is up for pre-order for $700. In addition to that stunner of a display, it does Picture-in-Picture, with no downgrading in resolution as you move to a smaller frame. There's also a dual-screen feature called Picture-by-Picture, which you could theoretically use for split-screen gaming, even though this was really designed with creative pros in mind. Design-wise, it's fashioned out of metal, with thin bezels and a T-shaped stand that leaves room for speakers and other items you might have on your desk. Around back, you'll find a single DisplayPort, along with two HDMI 1.4 sockets for outputting 4K.

In addition, Samsung announced two other monitors: the SD390 and SD590, each of which comes in 23.6- and 27-inch screen sizes. Throughout, all the monitors have 1080p resolution; the main difference is that the UD390 uses the same "Touch of Color" accents that Samsung first introduced on its TV line on a few years back. In this case, that means an emerald-colored accent and a see-through neck, in case those other black boxes are just too plain for your tastes. Those SD390 models have one HDMI and one VGA port apiece, and will start at $250 and $310 when they arrive in April. Meanwhile, the SD590 adds an extra HDMI port, and features that same space-saving T-stand used on the flagship model. That'll cost you either $270 or $330, depending on whether you get the 23.6- or 27-inch version. And yes, that too will go on sale sometime in the coming weeks.