Xbox One update tests comprehensive Smartglass media control

Over the course of the next month, Microsoft plans to roll out a series of updates focused on the Xbox One's media playback functionality. Most notably, select Xbox One users will get the chance to test a new suite of Smartglass controls.

Later this week, the first wave of updates will arrive and bring with it universal media playback on Microsoft devices. Now, users will be able to view Xbox media content on any Microsoft device, whether it be an Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 PC , Windows Phone or even online at Xbox Video. Alongside this, Microsoft will update the Xbox One Smartglass companion application to feature easier navigation options, mobile Xbox Live alerts and Snap functionality.

In an effort to "explore some new ideas," Microsoft will also be debuting new Smartglass media controls. Explicit details are currently unavailable, but these new controls should allow users to control a TV, Xbox One, and set-top DVR directly from a tablet or smartphone. Unlike the rest of the aforementioned media playback update, this Smartglass addition will initially be rolled out to a small group of testers, then released to the general population once Microsoft has fixed any kinks.

[Image: Microsoft]