Amazon quietly adds Metacritic review scores to video game listings

Amazon's own product rating system is fine and all, but subjective reviews aren't always as relevant as we might like, even when there's an overwhelming consensus. Whether browsing for games online, or scanning shelves in a second-hand store, this editor always has Metacritic handy on one device or another -- the well-regarded review aggregator basically has to score titles fairly by design. If you find yourself doing the same, then don't worry about tab-hopping while walking the virtual isles of Amazon anymore, as the retailer's quietly integrated Metacritic scores into its video game listings. It's great for those wanting more professional guidance, but we're only seeing on right now, so hopefully it'll roll out to other regions later. New rule of thumb: avoid anything with a red box.

Update: As one eagle-eyed reader has spotted, Metacritic has hyperlinked "Buy from" buttons on its game review pages, suggesting a deeper partnership than perhaps first thought.