Microsoft plans to bring Windows to robots and 'a whole new class of small devices'

Microsoft's Build 2014 kicks off tomorrow, but it's not just Windows Phones, tablets, Office or even the return of Clippy. Redmond has plans to bring its operating system, well, everywhere else. A Windows on Devices site has apparated into existence, mentioning robots, talking bears, the Internet of Things and Intel's Galileo acting as developmental hardware. It looks like Microsoft's planning a charm offensive on the maker community, with the site linking out to a Big-styled -- presumably Microsoft-powered -- floor keyboard as well as Maker Faire. The first SDK will appear soon, (by the end of Spring 2014) with additional releases through out the year. Microsoft says it'll have a life-sized piano to show-off its Windows on Devices conceit and naturally, it reckons its cloud services will serve as the perfect online accompaniment.