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Xbox One SmartGlass beta apps bring TV controls to Android, Windows and Windows Phone

Microsoft only just revealed it would test new TV remote features on the Xbox One and its associated SmartGlass apps, and Windows Phone Central points out that right now anyone can give them a try. All you need is one of the game systems and a device running Android, Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. We tried out the apps and they install right alongside the standard Xbox One Smartglass apps, although there are some known issues and rough edges. The smiley face button serves as a way to report any issues, but overall things worked smoothly, and we were able to navigate recordings on a standard Comcast DVR or surf through the OneGuide without a problem. Download the apps now and try them via Google Play, the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store -- we haven't spotted a beta version for iOS yet.

Update: Microsoft confirmed the beta apps are available to all users, and that there isn't a beta version available for iOS at this time.