WSJ: Get ready for more ads in your Twitter feed

Tired of seeing inane Promoted tweets in your Twitter feed? Well, if the social media company has its way, you'll likely see much more than that before the year's over. According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter plans to debut 15 new types of ad products over the next six months as a bid to gain more advertising dollars and mobile game developers over to its side. The first round of advertising will apparently be an app-install ad unit embedded within Twitter's mobile app, which is similar to what Facebook has done. Users will see the ad in the form of an expandable tweet, or Twitter card. When they tap on the ad, they'll be kicked over to Apple's App Store to purchase the application, and will be reeled back to the Twitter app once the download begins. Word is that companies like Spotify are already on board, though that has not yet been confirmed. Details are scant as to the 14 other kinds of advertising Twitter wants to do, but we'll likely see this first attempt in the next few weeks.