TAG Heuer launches luxury phone with 'perpetual power reserve'

When it comes to outlandish technology on phones, it's the companies that make you go "what, them?" that are on the cutting edge. TAG Heuer (what, them?) is launching the Vertu-troubling Meridiist Infinite with something the company is calling a perpetual power reserve. In fact, the company is merely harnessing Wysips' transparent solar panel, which shoves a clear photovoltaic cell between the glass and LCD elements of the display. It'll automatically begin trickle-charging your phone as soon as the screen is exposed to natural and some artificial light with at least enough power to maintain the battery level in standby mode. The company is knocking out 1,911 units of the Meridiist Infinite, but considering that TAG charges nearly $7,000 for a FroYo device, you'd probably prefer to buy a solar panel for your actual house.