Samsung opens more 'Experience' stores across the UK

Samsung's dabbled in creating dedicated spaces for UK shoppers a few times, but unlike arch-rival Apple, hasn't built up any long-standing retail presence. That's not the case in other regions, though, and earlier this year Samsung decided it was high time to set up a bunch of shops across Europe to call its own. Today sees the first of these "Samsung Experience" stores open their doors in the UK, though they're actually operated by local partner Carphone Warehouse. The shops, which are located in London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bradford, Bristol, Manchester, Bournemouth and Cardiff, play host to all things Samsung, from laptops to wearables, in the familiar try-before-you-buy type setting. We're going to check out the Oxford Street store tomorrow, but if you're close to one, head inside to get an early look at the new GS5 and Gear range before they launch on Friday.

Update: As several comments very rightly point out, the Westfield shopping center in London's Stratford City has been home to an Experience store for some time, so let's call this CPW-assisted expansion a rekindled interest.