Facebook wants to clean up spam in your News Feed

"1 like = $1." "1 like = 1 Respect." "If you don't share this, you're literally the devil."

We'll bet you've seen the above way too often on Facebook. Thankfully, the social network's now showing these unwanted status updates less prominently on your feed, if the original posts were published by a Page account. The updated News Feed can identify three types of spammy posts and make sure they don't drown out more relevant status updates. Those infamous "like-baiting" posts that gain more attention than usual by asking users to like, share or comment are the first in Facebook's downgrade list. That's followed by photos and videos that Pages have already uploaded in the past, and then by links that trick you into clicking through to websites chock-full of ads.

The social network says legit Pages that post quality content won't have to worry about anything, but those that intentionally post spam "will see their distribution decrease over the next few months." Unfortunately, Facebook friends fond of posting spam still get off scot-free, so you'll just have to tell your gramps to turn it down a notch.