Google's opening up Glass to everyone for one day only (good luck getting one)

Until now, Google Glass has been quite the exclusive club: either you bought one at Google's 2013 I/O conference, or you called in a favor from a friend who did. Now, though, for one day only, Google is letting anyone buy in. The company just announced that on April 15th anyone with $1,500 (and a US shipping address) can purchase the headset. You might want to set an alarm, though: sales start at 6AM Pacific time that day, and we're not sure what Google means when it says "the number of spots available is limited." (Whatever it is, we hope Google can avoid a site crash this time.) It's also unclear if Google will offer such a deal again at some point in the future, or if it will extend the promotion to users outside the US. We've reached out for comment and will of course update this post if we hear more.