Google Play Music can now stream direct to Sonos on Android

Let's face it, as cool as Sonos is, that Android app is ugly. You should definitely be rolling with the beta version. The new (and much cleaner, and less blue) look isn't the big news though. That honor goes to the addition of Google Play Music to the list of streaming options you can enjoy from the Android app. Starting today, you'll be able to access any music you've added to Google's cloud service, plus all the music in the world (well, not quite, but a lot of it) if you're fully paid up with All Access. There's one more significant change to the world of Sonos today, and that's the ability to stream music directly within the Play app to your hardware. The option will be under the same streaming button as if you were sending it to a Chromecast. So you might find yourself skipping that new slick controller app altogether. We're no clairvoyants, but expect to see even more music services getting the same native support in the very near future.