Philippe Starck wants you to make 3D-printed custom furniture

Philippe Starck is no longer satisfied with crafting exotic-looking products that don't change -- he wants to give you control over the design process. He tells the Wall Street Journal that his newly opened custom furniture venture, TOG, will eventually become an open source community that lets you create your own 3D-printed furniture and share designs with others. He'd also like to see kiosks that make it easy for anyone to produce their own furniture, even if they can't justify a 3D printer of their own.

Don't hold off on furnishing your home in the short term, though. Starck is aware that it will take a few years for 3D printing to scale in cost and size to where you can print your dream chair at home. Those kiosks, meanwhile, may have to wait until on-the-spot 3D printing is more efficient than shipping old-fashioned products. Still, it's apparent that the days of limited furniture choices are numbered.

[Image credit: Jimmy Baikovicius, Flickr]