Daily App: Cinefy brings Hollywood-style FX to your iPhone or iPad at a cost


Cinefy - Special FX Studio promises to deliver over 100 Hollywood caliber special effects and animations to your iPhone. The app is easy to use, but it is crippled by in-app purchases that take the fun out of movie-making.

Cinefy is very easy use, allowing you to pull a video from your camera roll, add an audio track from your iTunes library to the project and then select an overlay effect to add some action to your clip. Once these elements are combined, you can export the clip to your camera roll and share it with others via the standard social networking tools.


Editing the clips within the app is minimal. You can set start and end points in a video and move the overly effect so it appears at the right point in the clip. You cannot change the details of the effect, for example a helicopter missile will land in the middle of the screen and you can change its landing point to hit an object on the side of the screen.

Adding audio was hit or miss with app crashing on a few occasions when I selected an audio clip to import. Other times, the app would no import the track, which may be related to the track being stored in iCloud and not locally on my phone.


Cinefy is free and works for creating quick videos with Hollywood-style effects, but there are limitations which sour the experience. Though the app promises over a hundred effects, most of them are available as an in-app purchase. Of the hundred, only 17 are free. The rest will cost you 99-cents per pack, and there are over 20 packs in the app.