Joystiq Streams: Broforce brodown [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Hey! Where you going, Brosephine Baker? Got someplace better to be? Not when there's Broforce to play, you don't.

Free Lives' shooter may look like a pile of pop culture references, pixel art, and 16-bit era run-and-gunning no different from legions of games put out by small developers over the past four years, but to dismiss Broforce's raw power is to do it a major disservice. Playing this chaotic madness well requires more patience and careful attention than you'd expect from something the lets you play as Dutch from Predator teaming up with Wesley Snipes to blow up everything ever. Even more so in co-op. When partnered up, you've got to play diplomatically and be a regular Brotros Brotros Ghali. Only then can you achieve true brodom.

Joystiq Streams is rolling deep in Broforce today at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Our very own Brah'lexzander Sliwinski will be playing while Anthony John Agnellbro hangs out in the chat and comments on all the brolation. Many special guests may appear as well...

Joystiq Streams bro-casts live every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST on

[Images: Free Lives]