Infamous: Second Son patch adds Photo Mode, subtracts bugs

Infamous: Second Son lead Delsin Rowe might be able to shoot burst of smoke from his hands and run up walls as a streak of light, but he's not perfect. Hence, developer Sucker Punch has outlined plans for a patch that it hopes to release as soon as April 17.

The highlight of the patch is the addition of "Photo Mode," a new feature designed to make it even easier to capture screenshots of virtual Seattle. Once the patch is installed, players will find a toggle for Photo Mode within the Infamous: Second Son options menu. As long as the option is enabled, players can click the L3 button (that is, the left analog stick) to enter Photo Mode which superficially functions like the PlayStation 4's built-in screenshot capture mechanism, but offers expanded photo editing options, such as adjustable depth of field. For more, see the above video, which Sucker Punch describes as a Photo Mode tutorial.

Additionally, the patch squashes a few game-crashing bugs, automatically pauses Infamous: Second Son if a controller runs out of juice and adds a clear notification of whether or not players are eligible for the "Unstoppable" trophy, which is earned by beating the game on Expert difficulty.

[Image: Sony]