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Project Tango teardown reveals the wonders of the phone's 3D sensing tech

Want to get a better understanding of Google's 3D-sensing Project Tango smartphone beyond the usual promo videos? iFixit is more than happy to show you now that it has torn down the device for itself. The close-up identifies many of the depth mapping components in the experimental handset, including the infrared and fisheye cameras (both made by OmniVision), motion tracking (from InvenSense) and dual vision processors (from Movidius).

However, the real centerpiece is the infrared projector. As you can see from the pretty light show pictured here, Project Tango maps the environment in much the same way as the original Kinect: it's creating a grid of dots that it measures to calculate distance. Other parts are relatively pedestrian, such as the Snapdragon 800 processor and 5-inch display, but it's clear from the teardown that they play second fiddle here -- this is an imaging device that just happens to double as a phone. You can see this for yourself at the source link.