Titanfall pushes Xbox One sales to 5 million total, but it can't pass PlayStation

Sony and Microsoft's console sales were neck and neck for awhile, but the gap is starting to widen: according to the latest NPD numbers, Sony is winning the race. Yesterday, the Japanese hardware manufacturer announced that it has moved more than seven million PlayStation 4s worldwide -- today Microsoft countered with a total of five million, trailing Sony in both monthly and lifelong sales. A stark difference, sure, but it's not all bad: the Xbox exclusive Titanfall is the industry's top-selling title right now, and the second highest selling for the platform overall. The new console is also outpacing the Xbox 360's first-year sales by more than 60 percent; it's doing well, it's just not top dog. The latest inFamous game (a PS4 exclusive) ranked the second highest selling game for the month of March, followed by multiplatform titles like South Park: The Stick of Truth, Call of Duty Ghosts and Dark Souls II.