UberX adds $1 charge to cover getting you home safely

Sure, UberX might get you to your destination for less money than a taxi, but do you want to arrive safely? That will be an extra dollar. Not really, but sort of. Uber has added a $1 surcharge to UberX rides. Called a "Safe Rides Fee," the company says the cash will help offset the cost "an industry-leading background check process, regular motor vehicle checks, driver safety education, development of safety features in the app, and insurance." You know, basic stuff that Uber needs to do to make sure you're not being picked up by a serial killer or in a car that's going to lose a wheel once you get on the highway. Uber's been doing that stuff already, but taking on the cost itself – a move that's ultimately made it lose cash on every ride. It's not unreasonable that it might pass the buck literally on to its customers, but it could have probably come up with a name for the charge that doesn't sound like you're going to die if your don't pay up. Our only question: If our Uber starts texting while we're on the road can we have our dollar back?

Image source: Flickr/Adam Fagan