Behold the internet's power: Quentin Tarantino to rewrite movie ending after script leaks

<<enter caption here>> at The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown LA on April 19, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

What the internet giveth, it also taketh away... and then giveth back again (sort of). Back in January, the script for Quentin Tarantino's next film, a western called the Hateful Eight, showed up online and Defamer drew the web's attention to its presence. In response, the filmmaker sued for copyright infringement and shelved the project. It appears time has caused Tarantino to reconsider that initial reaction, however, as Deadline Hollywood reports that he's simply going to rewrite the ending to the movie and film it next winter. (The lawsuit remains pending, though the parties are currently trying to settle things via court-ordered mediation.)

News of the Hateful Eight's lazarus act came from a live staged reading of the leaked script in Los Angeles last night, where Tarantino informed the crowd that he was working on a second draft of the script and he going to make a third pass at it as well. And so, the internet's power in Hollywood continues to grow. Crowd funding movies, providing theaters with pre-roll content from Twitter and Vine, and now the web's forcing a rewrite of a feature film. What's next? You tell us, digital denizens: sound off in the comments below.

[Image Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage]