Yes, China employs censors to watch nothing but porn

For the first five minutes, we imagine getting paid to watch adult material would be rather interesting. After that point, however, we'd probably spend the bulk of our day quietly updating our resume. If we didn't, then we'd probably wind up as broken and sickened as Chinese civil servant Chunqi Liu. Since all media is censored in the nation, China employs people to watch anything up to 330 clips of grumble per day. Liu, a former policeman, is also on-call a lot of the time, just in case the local authorities plan a midnight raid on a back-room DVD store selling prohibited materials and he needs to check the discs over. The 59-year-old has said that the job has left him physically ill, unable to eat for days and thrust his marriage into jeopardy. So what's the lesson here? That you should always be careful what you wish for, and that the mechanics of censorship can be weirder than anything you imagine.