Rip Curl's new watch tallies waves, tracks speed in the surf

Whether you're a runner, swimmer or cyclist, there are plenty of fitness tracking wearables to choose from, ripe with features to help you make the most of a morning run or laps at the YMCA. But what about something for the surfer? Well, Rip Curl aims to let athletes of the ocean "track every wave" and "know every tide" with its new SearchGPS surf watch. Until now, surfers were limited to much more generic (dumb) wristwear preloaded with locational wind, temperature and swell statistics. The SearchGPS brings the watersport into the connected age, allowing users to record top speed, distance traveled and even their wave count. Then, by the time you've shed the wetsuit and hosed off your board, you can re-live your entire run with customized maps and graphic charts on Rip Curl's website or stylish iOS Search app. Convinced you need one? The SearchGPS isn't available just yet, but you can sign up to be notified when it hits shelves at the source link below.