Kittyo looks after your cats so you don't have to

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Daniel Cooper
April 23rd, 2014
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Kittyo looks after your cats so you don't have to

What does the internet love more than cats? App-connected devices that let you feed and entertain the furry monsters when you're out and about. Kittyo is a coffee maker-shaped device designed to do just that, packing a webcam, laser and a treat dispenser. That way, you can check your moggies are safe, keep 'em entertained and drop pellets of kibble, even if you're at the office or on holiday. The product launched on Kickstarter, naturally, where it's already smashed its $30,000 target four times over. However, there's still time to make a pledge and get the Kittyo for $120, versus the $180 you might expect to pay if you waited until the product goes on sale in November.

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