Minecraft Realms subscription service now available

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Minecraft Realms subscription service now available
Mojang has launched its Minecraft Realms subscription service in North America, offering hosting and setup for multiplayer Minecraft worlds starting at $13 per month.

Mojang notes that the service holds particular value for parents, as Minecraft Realms makes it easy to set up a child's individual sandbox world and restrict it to invited players. The subscription fee also covers an automatic backup feature, allowing players to undo unwanted alterations and roll back worlds to a previous saved state.

Up to 10 players can join a Minecraft Realms-hosted world at once, and the service will host minigames and other exclusive in-game events on a regular basis. Discounts are available for users who sign up for a three- or six-month subscription package. The service is currently exclusive to the PC version of Minecraft, though support for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is planned in a forthcoming update.
[Image: Mojang]
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