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IndyCars will soon stream racecar telemetry straight to your home

Cosworth, the well-known auto performance group, is making a public return to the IndyCar car racing series (OK, it's always been around in the shadows). The company just unveiled its Cosworth Live on Air system, which puts portable WiMAX in each car, potentially offering spectators trackside and at home live feeds of interesting data. Most -- if not all -- of this info is already available to race scrutineers via the Cosworth equipment built into all the cars, but the Cosworth Live on Air system should see that data presented to fans in new and never-before-seen ways.

In general, data like steering angle, fuel consumption, fuel level, tire pressures, speed and temperatures are all things racing fans drool over. For example, we'd love the ability to flip between our favorite drivers and make sure everything is running smoothly and razz our buddies who haplessly cheer for the wrong driver and team via twitter. We've still not heard the nitty-gritty on how this data will be presented but are nonetheless stoked to see Cosworth and IndyCar once again showing Formula 1 how to make racing accessible and fun for all.