Firefox gets a big redesign that's all about customization

Firefox has had a tough time standing out among browsers -- Chrome gives you Google's ecosystem, while both Internet Explorer and Safari have the luxury of being system defaults. Why would you choose Mozilla's software over the others? As of today, customization may be the answer. The organization has just released the finished version of Firefox 29, a major overhaul that makes personalization easy on the desktop. Its new customization mode lets you put any feature or service in the toolbar or menu bar; if you just have to keep a Pinterest add-on available at all times, you can make it happen. It's quicker to customize your bookmarks, too.

The redesign minimizes clutter beyond just the new menu bar, with an overall slimmer design that hides tabs you're not using. Syncing between devices is also simpler -- whether you're using the browser on the desktop or an Android device, you now just have to sign in to get your open tabs, bookmarks and login details from other devices you use. There's no certainty that the Firefox makeover will tempt you away from competing web clients, but it may be time for another look if you haven't checked out Mozilla's work in a while.