Become the Ultimate Fighter in EA Sports UFC's career mode

EA dished out some details today on EA Sports UFC's career mode, which will drop created fighters into the game's version of the UFC's popular reality TV series, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). Participating in the TUF tournament lands players on a team coached by a real-life fighter, training and battling to earn evolution and experience points to boost their combatant's physical skills and unlock special abilities.

The game's career mode also features popularity and longevity gauges, the former impacting the attention players receive from sponsors and other fighters, who send players video messages in the game. So long as championship hopefuls fight smart and don't take too many hard hits in their careers, their longevity meter will stay steady enough to grant them lengthy stays in the UFC. EA Sports UFC will enter the octagon on June 17 for Xbox One and PS4 and includes Bruce Lee as an unlockable fighter.

[Image: EA Sports]