This $13,000 vacuum-powered brewer aims to make the perfect cup of tea

Here at Engadget HQ, most of us are used to the concept of heating a kettle or catching water from the office cooler in order to make a cup of tea. For true leaf aficionados, a more elaborate setup may be required, and that's where the Bkon Craft Brewer comes in. Using Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAIN) technology, the unit's vacuum process extracts "the optimal flavor elements" of loose-leaf tea, though it can also be used for coffee and even infused cocktails. The machine is efficient too, cranking out a cup in less than a minute and over 60 per hour -- all while storing up to 200 presets. You know, once you fine-tune those recipes and ratios. To keep things tidy at the end of each cycle, the brew chamber cleans itself so you won't have to, however Sprudge reports that the price tag will tick around $13,000 when it arrives. For now, there's a quick explanation of that RAIN-powered brewing process after the break.