Minecraft creator's latest game trades blocks for existential angst

While the game's intro tells us, "There is nothing," there is a lot more to the little word game beneath the surface. Drowning in Problems is in fact Minecraft creator Markus Persson's entry in Ludum Dare. The contest is an accelerated game-development event where programmers create a game in a weekend based on a theme chosen by the community. The theme for this event, Ludum 29, was: beneath the surface. The game is set up with awards and costs: You start with nothing and by clicking Solve, you'll become not nothing. Clicking again gives you hope; hope gives way to a body; and you are born. The game continues this way, gradually growing in complexity as you give up things you've solved to advance in life, get a job, meet a lover and grow. From start to finish, it takes about 10 minutes to complete if you button smash, much longer if you take the time to follow the -- decidedly glum -- narrative. Hit up the link below to play it through, or, if you'd rather follow on to Ludum Dare to get the source code and learn more. And with that you'll have to excuse us as we take a bit of time to kill off some Creepers and Zombies to cheer ourselves up.