Xbox handheld game console isn't in the books, says Xbox lead Phil Spencer

Microsoft's new Xbox head Phil Spencer doesn't think an Xbox gaming handheld makes sense. Spencer took to Twitter yesterday afternoon in a surprisingly candid conversation with fans, one of whom asked if Microsoft is pursuing, "a handheld Xbox One-like gaming device at E3 or in the future." Spencer responded with a frank, "I don't think we'll do a dedicated handheld gaming device." To him, Windows Phone and tablets make more sense. "Maybe with controller support someday," he said. That should put to bed rumors of an "Xbox Surface" for now.

Spencer also offered a taste of what his team is showing at this June's gaming trade show, though it shouldn't be a big surprise: games, lots of games. That's new IP, sequels to existing franchises, and, apparently, throwbacks to "neglected" franchises that Microsoft owns. Also not a huge surprise considering the recent relaunch of Killer Instinct, but we're fascinated to see what else could get the reboot treatment. Crimson Skies, perhaps?

[Image credit: Ben Heck]