Picplace is a free app that helps you store your photo memories by location

Picplace (free) allows you to take photos and keep them in the app's internal database for sharing or finding those locations again. It also shows you what places are near your current location. All the data captured by Picplace stays on your phone, not on a server where your personal info could be lost or compromised.

The app is simple to use: Just take a photo and the GPS location is saved, as it is with other photo apps. Your photos are then grouped by location in the app's internal database, and you can share them with friends or social networks. The photo can also be saved to your camera roll if you desire. With a tap, nearby places like restaurants, country clubs, stores, etc... are listed. You can also display your location on a map, or even edit your location. You can also import existing photos and search for nearby locations.

Other apps, including Apple's Camera app, geotag your photos, but I like the inclusion of nearby points of interest in Picplace. You can also take a picture while you are offline, and localize it later.

I didn't see any issues using the app, and help was not needed. It's a pretty simple GUI to explore. If I were going to improve the app, I would allow the saving of notes about favorite locations.

Picplace requires iOS 7 or later and it is optimized for the iPhone 5. It is not universal.