Garmin's new GPS watch wants to keep you moving on and off the track

Emily Price
E. Price|05.06.14

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Running watches are great when you're headed out for an afternoon of training, but are typically pretty useless when it comes to day-to-day activities. Garmin is looking to change that by combining two of its most popular wearables, the Forerunner 10 and vivofit, into a new device called the Forerunner 15. The device does everything you'd expect from a GPS watch, such as tracking your distance, pace and calories burned during a big run, but it's also meant to be worn all day. Also an activity tracker, it'll encourage you to get up and move if you've been lounging around too long.

For those who want a little more, Garmin is offering an optional chest-worn heart rate monitor for the Forerunner 15, as well as a foot pod for treadmill running. While you're working out at the gym, the small pod will ensure that you're getting credit for every step you take on the treadmill, despite the fact you're not actually going anywhere. And when you're back at home post-workout, Garmin Connect, the company's online fitness community, can help you analyze your progress and offer challenges to keep you motivated. Anxious to grab one for yourself? The Forerunner 15 will be sprinting onto store shelves this spring for $170, or bundled with the heart rate monitor for $200.
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