Transistor pre-orders, soundtrack now available

Good news for anyone who's been furiously clutching a wad of crumpled dollars in anxious anticipation of Supergiant Games' upcoming Transistor: The studio will now accept your money for either a pre-order of Transistor, a copy of the game's soundtrack or both.

For those unaware, Transistor is Supergiant Games' first release following Bastion, a game that incited a deluge of critical praise and fan affection. Though the two games share similarities - most notably an art style that relies heavily on a vibrant yet ethereally diluted aesthetic - Transistor offers gameplay akin to a tactical roleplaying game, where Bastion was a more traditional action-RPG. Supergiant has also ditched the mild fantasy setting of Bastion in favor of an overtly sci-fi backdrop, where it's not all too unusual to find a chatty sword willing to tag along on an important adventure.

Those who would like to pre-order Transistor on PC can do so either from the game's website or Steam. PlayStation 4 pre-orders are not yet available, but Supergiant claims they will be appearing on the PlayStation Network Store very soon. Alongside pre-orders, Supergiant is now accepting orders for the Transistor soundtrack. This, too, can be ordered via the studio's website or Steam, with both retailers offering the soundtrack at $10 for a digital release and $15 for the physical disc version. Both game and soundtrack will become available on May 20.

[Image: Supergiant Games]